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good going – travel awareness in London (www.goodgoing.co.uk) was a London wide campaign, which enabled the Mayor for London (through Transport for London), the London Boroughs’ and a large number of cross sector partners to come together in promoting sustainable transport and travel awareness initiatives.


These were all designed to encourage Londoners to walk, cycle or to use public transport instead of the car, when possible, and to car share or use low or zero emission vehicles when this is an option.

Following its success in London, the good going campaign and brand has also been adopted by the cities of Peterborough and Newcastle.

A large number of wide ranging and far reaching partnership initiatives were launched viagood going during the three year life of the campaign (2003 to 2006).

The WilliamJack role

WilliamJack devised, designed and developed the original good going campaign strategy and branding for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in September 2003.

Its favourable response to good going in this East London borough prompted Transport for London to take the campaign on board as a London wide travel awareness campaign in September 2004.

The campaign concept also persuaded Transport for London to develop the initiative under its imovelondon campaign.